Tugas 4 bahasa inggris bisnis 2

nama : novianti

kelas : 3eb21

npm : 25210076

Title:      I’m Yours
Singer:  Jason Mraz

Letter of offer:  Jason Mraz(Members of a Band)

–          He’s got a unique voice when singing this song.

–          He can attracting people when he is playing this song.

–          This song has so much beautiful lyrics.

Dear Jason,

Hi, my name  is Novianti. I am from Indonesia. I am interested in your song. The purpose of my letter is to admire about you voice when you are singing “Im Yours”.
Every time I hear you sing this song, I feel comfort. You sing freely without doubt. Sometimes you make a new arrangement with different tone in some part like on the reff with good strain. I know every lyrics with good and clear and I always singing when im alone.
I suggest you to make a new version of this song. This song will be remembered by your fans. Keep maintain your quality of singing and remain consistent to make creative tone.

Your biggest fans



Tentang novianti92

I'm a simple girl but no body's perfect in the world...
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